Plugin Favorites

The ability to favorite a plugin was added to the WordPress Plugins Directory in 2012. WordPress Version 3.5 introduced the ability to display and easily install a user’s favorite plugins from the Add New plugins page of the dashboard.

WordPress Plugins Directory

A favorite plugin in WordPress Plugins Directory

To favorite a plugin:

  • You must be logged in to the WordPress Plugins Directory
  • While you are viewing a plugin’s page, click the Favorite link below the plugin’s download button.

Once you have favorited a plugin, it will show up in your public profile, as well as your rating of the plugin, if applicable.

Installing Favorite Plugins

Viewing a user’s favorite plugins in the dashboard

To install plugins from a user’s list of favorites within the WordPress dashboard:

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Under Favorites, type in the username of the user who’s favorites you would like to install and click Get Favorites.
  • Follow the Installing Plugins above to install the plugins you would like.


Occasionally, a WordPress Plugin may not work as expected, or at all, or conflict with another WordPress Plugin.

  • Check you’ve followed the instructions included with the WordPress Plugin exactly.
  • Check that the Plugin has been activated in your Plugin Screen of your Administration Screens.
  • Deactivate and re-activate the Plugin to see if this makes it work.
  • Search the WordPress Support Forums for the name of the Plugin and keywords associated with the problem you are experiencing.
  • Check the WordPress Plugins Directory for the notes on the Plugin and links to issues reported in the Forums.
  • Go to the website of the Plugin author and check their blog and Plugin page for known issues or advice.
  • Search the web with the name of the Plugin and keywords associated with the trouble.
  • Post a question on the WordPress Support Forums with the name of the Plugin and specific problems in the title. For advice on how to improve your chances of getting help, see Finding WordPress Help.
  • If the problem persists and you cannot seem to solve it, check to see if there are any similar WordPress Plugins that you can try instead.
  • Try the following tips below for troubleshooting the problem yourself if you have no fear of going “under the hood.”

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